Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hump N Bump 2010

The Hump N Bump event proved to be a great success this year and had a huge turn out.  We filled the fairgrounds in Logandale NV to capacity with trailers and motorhomes and 4 wheelers from every shape and size
The organizers of the event decided to add a whole new compenent to the Saturday night festivities by holding a car crush.  What fun that was to watch and heckle.  Even some of the locals showed up to watch the carnage on the junk yard cars. 

I was feeling just a little nervous here but no worries we walked right over the pile!

Prior to the car crush there was an awesome barbeque with melt in your mouth ribs and other goodies that stuck to your ribs! 

Proceeds from the event go to land use organization that help keep the trail systems open in the area.  The wonderful Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers put on a great show.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

SEMA Is Almost Here!

One of my favorite events to go to is the SEMA show.  This year's event starts Nov 2 and goes through the 5th in Las Vegas Nevada.  I love to see all the newest, latest and greatest products coming out from the after market industry.  I will be there representing the BlueRibbon Coalition, a national land use organization the helps to keep our public lands and trails open so that we can go out and use all those nifty after market parts and goodies on our rigs!  Check them out here:  BlueRibbbon Coalition